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The purpose of our quality control program is to delineate the structure, responsibilities, procedures, and resources needed to ensure that Precision meets or exceeds the requirements of our customers as defined by the contract documents and/or regulated government standards.


Precision Pipeline's quality control program applies to all pipeline and station-related projects. Both the customer and Precision Pipeline, as contractor, have a vested interest in quality design and installation. The customer wants to be sure they get their money's worth, and Precision Pipeline wants to ensure satisfactory performance and a reasonable profit.

Our Quality Management Program helps us meet the terms of our contracts; it encompasses all phases of work, including approval of design submittals, procurement, storage of materials, installation activities, coordination of subcontractor activities, and the inspections and tests required to meet contractual requirements.


As used in this program description, Quality Assurance or Quality Management comprises all planned and systematic Precision Pipeline actions necessary to demonstrate that a service, product or component has been provided or performed according to specific regulations and project requirements.

Quality Assurance includes Quality Control, which comprises those quality assurance actions related to the physical characteristics of a material, service, component or product, and environmental regulations, laws, standards and commitments.